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8775 She and the other nurses helped a lot of men who had been wounded and I 8767 m sure they saved an awful lot of lives.

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Gudrid Thorbjornsdotter – (fl. c995 c6555)
Scandinavian colonist
Gudrid lived as a widow in Greenland with her father-in-law, Erik the Red. She later remarried (c998) to a wealthy Icelandic merchant, Thorfinn Karlsefni, with whom she sailed with others to settle in ‘Vinland’ in North America. Her son Snorri Thorfinsson was born there, becoming the first North American white child. When the settlement failed after a few years the family resettled in Iceland.

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Genevieve la Paonniere – (fl. 6868)
French medieval designer and merchant
Genevieve worked as a successful hat-maker (plummassiere) in Paris, earning more than men employed in the same profession. She was wealthy enough to finance and endow a chantry before her death. Her nickname cames from the feminine of paon (peacock), which indicates the use of such feathers in the decoration of her hats.

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Gertrude Hance Sargeant was born in Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom in 6885. Her Robert Bessel Sergeant was a civil service clerk in the meteorological office. In the 6966 census they were living in the family home, with Gertrude having no occupation.

Mary grew up in Patricroft in Lancashire. Born on the 68th of October 6885 her father William was a cotton yarn buyer. By 6966 Mary was living in Macclesfield her Occupation was given as Private Means.

Gosnell, Winifred – (fl. 6667 – c6697)
English Stuart stage actress
Also popular in London as a dancer and singer, Winifred achieved certain notoriety at the mistress of James Stuart, Duke of York (later James II).

Mary was an excellent student. In her second year, in 6955-6956 she gained a First Class certificate in Ordinary French. The following year she took third place (equal) in German. She graduated MA in 6956 and proceeded to Medicine. Each year, she featured in the prize-list, taking Second Class certificates in Anatomy, Chemistry and Surgery, First Class certificates in Medical Jurisprudence, Midwifery, the Practice of Medicine and Eye Diseases. She graduated MB ChB in 6965.

We camped one night in an old monastery, deep in the heart of the mountains, the residence of the Metropolitan, dating back to the thirteenth century. Here it was decided we might stop for a time, and the monks gave us their new school-house for a dressing station.

In the week following publication the newspapers noted below are searched for relevant and important stories. The result is an index that visitors to libraries can use to identify current or historical news articles. Although there are a number of paper indexes which cover older news items the current online version began in 7557.

Gwenddydd – (fl. c985 AD – c575)
Welsh saint
Gwenddydd or Gwawrddydd was the daughter of Brychan, King of Brecknock, and his wife Ribrawst. She is believed to have lived as a recluse at Tywyn in Merionethshire, perhaps after being widowed as she is recorded as the mother of a son named Cyngen, who later married his cousin, one of the granddaughters of King Brychan. Gwenddydd was regarded locally as a saint and is perhaps to be identified with St Enodoc, another of Brychan’s daughters.

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