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Date: 2018-02-18 03:42

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The only chance you have nowadays IS to carry a weapon. I 8767 m at the point where I carry two due to recent wildings and in many cases don 8767 t get reported.

JAMES A KEATING | Protective Arts

Many people refer back to a book that was written, I believe in the 6895s, it was written in Spain and it was one of the better-systemized methods of knife fighting it 8767 s called the Baratero. Within that little book, there 8767 s footwork, and all types of tricks of the trade.

When you 8767 re knife fighting, knife to knife, if we 8767 re both right handed, and if you 8767 re going to have a chance in hell, you 8767 d better not put your left hand out, with your knife back by your belly, cause you 8767 ll die that way. Your knife should be out in front…

One of my favorite knives when I used to travel all over is a 5 8798 Randall #6. What a sweet knife, I 8767 ll face a samurai sword or a baseball bat with that knife. If you don 8767 t want to spend that much, Cold Steel has a great knife called the Master Hunter, which is a great deal at about $655 or less. Of course I like my knives, the Chinook and Hornet.

I 8767 ve read a lot of stories about the knife in the middle ages but I 8767 ve never pinpointed any sources, have you looked down that road?

Well out of the Masters Of Defense line, Mas is the only one who made his knife a fixed blade, all the rest of us made folders. Mas out of the five people involved is the only one who took his knife to a slaughter house, and killed things, I didn 8767 t, but Ayoob did. He plunged the blade into the side of a pig, cause he didn 8767 t want the blade to bend when it hit a rib. He wanted it to go through the rib. Once you see the knife work you get a real appreciation for it, but if you look at it, it looks like a little steak knife.

Exactly…Greece and Rome conquered the then known world with the point, the thrust, the shield and basic formations. It wasn 8767 t any one specific maneuver it was the use of point. So while we cannot go back and get an actual manual that someone has written, we know that it existed.

Absolutely, it comes right in and hits you before you can blink. Well it 8767 s the same with the thrust, well most people say if you stick your hand straight out you 8767 ll get it cut off, but if you do it with timing it 8767 s the most devastating moves there is, psychologically as well as physically.

My father being a knifemaker always had cutlery about. Either his own designs or repairing the cutlery of friends seemed to always keep blades coming in and out of the small shop he worked out of. As a fighting man he was coming from the WWII generation mindset where knives were a part of the combat equation. Kabar knives, bolo knives, throwing knives were not uncommon items for me to play about with as a child. My father taught us kids to throw knives well. He also instructed us in the basics of knife combat. It was the real thing, simple and effective. Even to this day, I still have the first throwing knife he ever gave me. For my 69th birthday my Dad made me a Bowie Knife. I still possess it today in my collection. I am still proud of the gift though he’s been gone since ’99.

Growth for Comtech was phenomenal in the mid to late nineties. It seemed that people were hungry for the knowledge of the knife. It was if people had been waiting for something like the knife arts to come along. As the cutlery business was growing from it’s cottage level beginnings into the larger version of itself I hopped on for the ride too. It was an ideal situation. I love working in the cutlery industry and wish I could do more in the future. The blending of the knife related martial arts and the cutlery industry itself was a key factor that put me out ahead of others initially.

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